2025 Stacy Jay Photography Senior Team : Immerse Yourself in the Experience of a Lifetime

Every young woman deserves the chance to shine – to feel truly celebrated and cherished. At

Stacy Jay Photography, we have cultivated a special opportunity for a select group of high

school seniors to put their individuality on display in a year-long photographic modeling


The SJP Senior Team is all about you: the fun, carefree, beautiful you that deserves to

be captured in gorgeous and unique photo shoots throughout your senior year. Stacy Jay

Photography has designed this team to be so much more than just beautiful images. Through

this experience, high school seniors can graduate knowing they truly lived their senior year to

the fullest, making memories and friendship that will last a lifetime! You shouldn’t wait until

your wedding day to feel like the gorgeous goddess you are!

The SJP Senior Team is perfect for rising seniors (class of 2025) who want to feel pampered and

cherished while making new friends during fun and memorable photo shoots. If you’re

outgoing, want to display your true personality through gorgeous images, and love the idea of

feeling celebrated and pampered, then the SJP Senior Team is for you!

Click here to apply for the SJP Senior Team 2025

Senior girls chosen to participate on the SJP Senior Team are in for a year of amazing

opportunities! Stacy Jay Photography hosts 5-8 photo shoots to include themed holiday shoots,

photo shoots focusing on your hobbies, full glam, boutique, and mini shoots. This ensures a

wide range of color and style for all of your senior images, from formal to downright fun! You’ll

have access to plenty of social media images, VIP events, promotional and collaborative shoots

for local businesses, and even destination shoots. Your images will be the face of Stacy Jay

Photography, featured on our website, social media accounts, and printed materials, possibly

even in magazines.

Here is what Bailey has to say about the SJP Senior Team, “I’ve had an amazing time with Stacy and the

girls on the Senior Team with. My favorite part was all the photo shoots. They were so fun and

so creative and I loved every minute of being there. I told all my friends they need to get their

photos with Stacy because the photos she takes are beautiful and so creative. I’ve

recommended all my friends who are upcoming seniors to be part of the Senior Team because

it’s amazing. It is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you, Stacy!”

Ready to learn more? Click the link below. All applicants will have the opportunity to come to our VIP event,

some of our collaborators (hair and makeup artist, boutique designer, etc. will be there), get to know Stacy

Jay, and learn all about how much fun you can have on the Senior Team! 

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