Montgomery, AL Senior Photographer-Hannah’s Senior Session

Hannah was one of my senior model’s for 2022. We have had a blast this past year and we have so many memories. One of the things I love about my team girls is they sure make an impact in my life and I hope I do theirs as well. We get to connect in so many ways and I always look forward to getting to know my upcoming seniors and future team girls every single year! 

Hannah’s session was really the perfect day! It was BEAUTIFUL and HOT as you know most days are here in Alabama. We started out at Caitlin’s house (our fantastic HMUA). Caitlin just has a way of making you look like a supermodel and this session was no exception. Hannah looked absolutely gorgeous. 

Hannah picked out the cutest, most complementing outfits for her session. I absolutely loved the combo of items that she put together, plus some things from the SJP style closet. It really made her session stand out!

One of my favorite things about this session and really Hannah in general, is that she was down for getting in the river! When she said she wanted photos in the river, I was jumping for joy inside because I am all about fun, unique photos that represent my girl’s personalities. It really was the perfect reflection of who she is. It was also a fun way to cool down in all of this heat! All in all, I do not think we could have gotten better pictures of her in the river. These by far were the icing on the cake for her session.

I am so pleased I not only had Hannah to photograph, but that I was able to photograph her an entire year. She is one of the sweetest, most kind souls ever and she would really do anything to help others. She is a reflection of what I envision for my team girls. She is driven, smart, beautiful and confident in her own skin. I love this gal and can’t wait to see all she is going to accomplish in the next chapter of her life at the University of Alabama. ROLL TIDE!

What Hannah had to say about her session:

“I just have to say WOW!! It was such a special experience for me! Stacy Jay made my senior session and the senior team extremely fun!! For my senior session we would walk into unknown places and somehow they made the best photos🤩 It was so fun having my mom at my senior session because anytime Stacy would say look away I got to look at my mom!! It makes the photos extremely special because there’s lots of memories behind them!!”

What Hannah had to say about the senior team:

“Being on the Senior Team itself was one of the best experiences ever!! We got creative and got do different shoots that were outside of the box! Being able to be apart of the Senior team this past year was truly amazing! It helped me a lot throughout my senior year because Stacy always had something fun up her sleeve and I got a break from stressing from everything senior year has!! I even got to meet some of the sweetest people and have life long friendships that will never go away!! I am so so thankful that I had one of the best photographers to let me be myself and show my true colors!!! If I could live through it a billion more times I would and if I was you I would take this opportunity and run!!! The money is SO worth it and more 💗”

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